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Someone Smashed Your Vehicle Window? Here’s What You Need To Do

If you’ve just had your vehicle window smashed, it is important to act quickly. Auto glass repair or replacement can cost a lot of money and take time to complete. You will need to make contact with your insurance company as soon as possible if you have coverage and file the appropriate paperwork. This article provides some tips on what to do next after your car window has been broken so that you can get back on the road in no time!headband wig human hair best online sex toy store nfl shop steelers custom basketball jerseys best nfl jerseys nike air max womens custom football jerseys cheap jerseys official nfl shop custom jerseys nike air jordan black custom baseball jerseys sex toys online buffalo bills luvme glueless wigs

Step 1: Document the Damage

Documenting the damage to your vehicle is crucial. To do so, you can:

-Take photos of everything in and around the car as it looked when you found it

-Create a memo on your phone with notes about what happened at that time 

-Record yourself talking about what you see while looking inside or outside of your window or windshield for any visible damages

Remember to document everything before you move anything around or start rummaging through your car. It will be easier for the police when they arrive if there is less confusion, and this information could come in handy later as well.

Step 2: Check for Missing Property and Protect Your Personal Information

After you’ve documented the scene, check to see if any of your property was stolen. Look for missing vehicle components like a lost wallet or purse, and anything else that may have been in the car at the time.

If you’re an unfortunate victim of theft, don’t panic. Cancel all credit and debit cards immediately as well as your phone line to avoid any identity fraud or loss of personal info from the thief using them for their own gain. The last step is a thorough search for anything that was stolen so it can be added to the police report when they come by later.

Step 3: Contact the Authorities

Call the police and let them know what happened. They may be able to use security footage from cameras in the parking lot that they can access to determine who is responsible for smashing your windshield. The authorities will also need you file an incident report, which you’ll want when filing a claim with insurance company because of auto glass replacement.

Step 4: Patch the Window or Get a Tow

Driving with a smashed-in window isn’t safe, especially if there are glass shards inside your vehicle. If you can, have the car towed to whichever destination is safest for you and then call someone who knows how to patch up windows quickly (like one of our technicians).

Step 5: File a Claim With Your Insurance and Get Window Replacement Estimates

If your insurance company covers auto glass, file a claim as soon as you can. You’ll need to send in the evidence and paperwork after the incident so make sure not to misplace it! If you have any questions about filing this kind of claim with an insurer or getting estimates for new replacement windshields, look no further than our team at Only 1 Auto Glass. We are happy to help ensure that all claims go smoothly from start-to-finish–and we do it quickly too.

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