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Just Got A New Windshield? Aftercare Tips To Make Your Investment Last

You just got a new windshield for your car, good for you! But now you’re faced with the responsibility of taking care of it and making sure that it lasts as long as possible. Let’s talk about some aftercare tips to make your investment last.headband wig human hair best online sex toy store nfl shop steelers custom basketball jerseys best nfl jerseys nike air max womens custom football jerseys cheap jerseys official nfl shop custom jerseys nike air jordan black custom baseball jerseys sex toys online buffalo bills luvme glueless wigs

Let Your Vehicle Sit For A Minimum Of One Hour

After a windshield replacement, your vehicle needs to sit for an hour in order for the adhesive to set. Driving could cause it to not stick properly and leave you stranded on the side of the road.

If you know that you’ll need to leave the shop before your one-hour wait time is up, have someone come and pick up or follow you. Even if it’s only going for a quick trip, driving might sound relatively harmless at this point; however there could be more risks than expected.

Don’t Slam The Doors!

For at least 48 hours after your windshield replacement, do not slam the car doors! The molding and adhesive that keep the window in place are still curing throughout those first couple days. Any degree of force can interfere with this process.

Let The Retention Tape Sit

The next time you get your vehicle back, don’t be alarmed when you notice a thin strip of retention tape around the edges of your windshield. This is designed to prevent debris from entering (or getting trapped) in this area between the seal and window frame. Removing it exposes yourself or others to increased risk because even just one small speck can compromise that integrity!

Minimize Potential Stressors

The adhesive used during a windshield replacement is sensitive to certain environmental factors. In order for your new window to seal properly, avoid exposing it to:

●    Parking in direct sunlight – To protect your new windshield from the sun, avoid parking in full sunlight and use a sun shield if possible.

●    Driving in heavy rain – Avoid driving for the first couple of days after your windshield replacement if it rains. Avoiding rain and heavy precipitation will help maintain the adhesive’s seal in rainy conditions.

●    Resting items against the glass – Your newly replaced windshield is very fragile after installation. For the next 24 hours, keep it free of objects and avoid using exterior covers. This will allow the sealant to cure without any interference.

●    Power washers and car washes -Wait at least 2 days before using a power washer or taking it through a car wash. If necessary, use a regular garden hose instead.

Need a new windshield? Let our team at Auto Glass Repair Baltimore help you out! We’ll get to work on your broken glass in no time and make sure it’s replaced with the highest-quality safety standards. Our installers are certified by the Auto Glass Safety Council, so you can rest assured that we’re qualified for this job – over 200 years of combined experience among us means nothing short of perfection when it comes to installation or repair.

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